The Participation Toolbox
For over a decade, we have been working to promote collaborative governance in Israel. We have led more than 70 public participation processes on a wide range of issues, creating groundbreaking impact in Israeli Sociaty. Along the way, we have accumulated expertise, knowledge and practical tools
Since 2008, we have been woeking to strengthen the relationship between the government and civil society, promoting collaborative governance in Israel in a variety of channels. We have facilitated over 70 public participation processes in government ministries, on a wide range of issues, making groundbreaking impct on Israeli sociaty. Among the issues we have helped to promote: social resilience in emergency, treatment of young people at risk, promotion of health and educational programs, integration of the public voice in state audit processes and more. It is our belief that a dialogue between the government, the business sector and civil society is a crucial factor in the ability to lead to social change. Public participation processes encourage dialogue between different sectors, creating new perspectives and knowledge which are essential to the government's work. Public participation processes have proven effective in influencing government legislation, building innovative models for work, and making better decisions. Over the years, we have had the privilage of working along side many dedicated professionals. Each and every one of them has a stake in the knowledge available here, and for that we are very grateful.
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Public Participation Processes
In the 13 years we have accompanied government ministries in public participation processes, we managed to make a broad impact on the large population in Israel. On this site you will find a summary of the variety of processes we facilitated, their goals, main milestones and outcomes.
The Participation Toolbox
Effective public participation processes require significant planning, development and thinking. The toolbox consists of practical tools formulated from the vast knowledge and experience accumulated by our team members. The tools enable anyone who wishes to carry out public participation processes to do so in a professional and optimal manner. They provide a conceptual framework and can be modifiedto fit any audiences, goals and objectives.